The materials used in all our products have been carefully selected. The leathers are unique, and any incidental tonal variations, marks or veins are natural features and should not be considered as imperfections. The leathers may slightly release colour, especially in a wet environment. Care should be taken to avoid contact with light colour garments to prevent colour transfer. 
To preserve the original quality of your accessory, avoid over exposure to light, heat and humidity. If it should come into contact with water, dab it with a soft neutral cloth to absorb the moisture. To clean it, you can wipe it delicately using a clean and soft cloth. When not in use we recommend to store the product in a cool and dry place.

We precision tailor the fit of all our products. If at first you feel it may be a bit tight, please be patient, as within a day or two the leathers will ease and stretch with use. Due to the natural characteristics of our fine leathers, your accessory will only improve with time.